14 Sexist Ads And Viral Accusations

 - Dec 3, 2008
It’s almost been a month since Election Day ended our hopes of seeing Tina Fey reprise her perennial role as Sarah Palin, but Tina Fey still continues to discuss the GOP vice presidential nominee.

In an interview for the January issue of Vanity Fair, Tina Fey tackled Sarah Palin’s accusation that her portrayal on SNL was sexist. "I feel clean about it," Fey says. "All these jokes were fair hits."

Tina Fey continues, "What made me super-mad about it was that it seemed very sexist toward me and her. The implication was that she’s so fragile, which she is not. She’s a strong woman. And then, also, it was sexist because, like, who would ever go on the news and say, ‘Well, I thought it was sort of mean to Richard Nixon when Dan Aykroyd played him,’ and ‘That seemed awful mean to George Bush when Will Ferrell did it.’ And it’s like, No, that’s not the thing. This is a comedy sketch on a comedy show."

While Sarah Palin and Tina Fey can disagree about the validity of Palin’s claims that her portrayal on ‘Saturday Night Live’ was sexist, there’s no denying that the ads and viral accusations below are sexist. From sculptures to ads and snack food marketing, there’s no doubt about their intent.