Move Over Pirate Day, Here Comes 'Bitch Day'

 - Sep 20, 2008
References: fabulously40 & trendhunter
Forget about Talk Like A Pirate Day, there’s a much more interesting day coming up: the first ever Official Bitch Day on October 1st 2008. Governor Sarah Palin could surely use such a day after all the drama she’s had the past few weeks. Why? The objective of the special day is to bitch bitch bitch all you want. Just let all your stress and built-up anger out.

First off, let me start by saying that unlike Talk Like A Pirate Day, the organizers of the Official Bitch Day are pretty sexist. They are targeting women only, as if men do not need to bitch. You know, girlfriends can be just as annoying as boyfriends.

Participation in the Official Bitch Day is open to women of all ages and backgrounds. The organizers promise that you will "gain freedom and liberation, by bitching about everything and anything, in a safe, protected environment."