Elisabeth Hasselbeck Calls Sarah Palin Wardrobe Scandal Sexist

 - Oct 28, 2008
References: thecaucus.blogs.nytimes & beat.bodoglife
Elisabeth Hasselbeck has attacked the scandal surrounding Sarah Palin’s extravagant $150K wardrobe and considered the negative attention "sexist".

"Instead of the issues, they are focused, fixated on her wardrobe," Elisabeth Hasselbeck said to loud cheers from the crowd as she introduced Sarah Palin. "Now, with everything going on in the world, seems a bit odd. But let me tell you, this is deliberately sexist. I know you know that."

Elisabeth Hasselbeck further defended Sarah Palin the next day on The View by basically calling her a clueless fashionista, "She calls Jimmy Choos Johnny Choos. This is not a fashionista by any means. She’s not a clotheshorse. This is not even her property."

In my view, the issue is valid and is surely not sexist. A candidate should be accountable for any unreasonably high spending regardless of their sex. The issue is even more obvious when we find out from the New York Times that the top salary of the John McCain presidential campaign during the first half of October went to Sarah Palin’s make-up stylist.  When more money is spent on hair and makeup than on policy advisors and communications staffers, something is not quite right…