Ryanair Bikini Calendar

 - Nov 15, 2008
References: ryanair & dailymail
Normally, toned, tanned, and gorgeous women posing in swimsuits for calendars isn’t a big deal; however, apparently it is when the calendar is meant to raise funds for the homeless, which is why Ryanair’s Bikini Cabin Crew Charity Calendar is accused of being sexist. 

According to a report by the Daily Mail, "The Institute for Women in Spain is considering legal action and intends to complain to Irish and EU authorities that the publication is sexist as it only features female models.

In a statement, it said: ‘It is significant that only women are used, in a sector in which there is a considerable percentage of men.’"

Although I admire organizations who speak up for the rights of women, I think the Institute for Women in Spain is blowing this entirely out of proportion.  Ryanair’s Swimsuit Calendar will sell, as a Ryanair spokesmen predicts, ‘like hotcakes’ and the profits will go to a great cause. The creators of this calendar, in my opinion, were brilliant and knew exactly what was need to generate sales. If Ryanair’s charity calendar featured men wearing suits and women in bikinis, claims by the Institute for Women in Spain just may hold water. 

I haven’t done a statistical check regarding the sales made from regular calendars featuring hot men vs. hot women, or the magazines Playboy vs. Playgirl; but I have an inkling that sales of anything featuring sexy women, be it calendars or magazines, outnumber those of sexy men by millions, just as here at Trend Hunter, our articles featuring gorgeous women clearly grab more attention then the ones on males, no matter how hunky they are.