20 Reasons To Celebrate The Sarah Palin Debate

 - Oct 2, 2008
There is much anticipation surrounding the Sarah Palin debate with Joe Biden. Their debate tonight will be the first and only time the two vice presidential nominees will face off in a televised debate.

Prior to tonight's Sarah Palin debate, the GOP vice presidential nominee has been lampooned, satirized, denounced, and even hacked by celebrities, the media and the general public alike. Palin's polarizing presence has brought the 2008 presidential campaign to the forefront of popular culture.

The Sarah Palin debate begins in just a few hours, and already tension is mounting. Palin's foreign policy inexperience in particular has been played up by the Democratic party, and Palin needs to do well in tonight's debate in order to restore her rockstar status in the eye of the public.

These 20 articles showcase several of the most viral Palin spoofs and parodies. One can only imagine the lampooning that will focus on the Sarah Palin debate in the days to come.