Sarah Palin's Painting in a Chicago Bar

 - Oct 1, 2008   Updated: Jun 10 2011
References: windycitizen
Alaska governor and GOP VP candidate Sarah Palin has been immortalized in a nude portrait that will hang in a Chicago dive bar named Old Town Ale House.

The artist is Old Town's co-owner Bruce Elliot who said that he was inspired by his daughter's "dead-on" impersonation of Palin.

Implications - Elliot's daughter, whose name is Grace, served as a model for his painting. The artist says that he is not worried about offending Palin because he feels that he has "made her into a sex figure." In his painting Palin wears nothing but red high heels and is holding a very large gun. She is standing on a polar bear rug and a moose can be seen outside the window she is standing in front of.