Historically Anti-Establishment Styles for Modern Rebels

 - Mar 13, 2012
This retro-rogue couture has a bone to pick with drab, humdrum conformity.

Society is a lot more open in many regards than it used to be. There are fewer obvious reasons to rebel in the contemporary era than in the past. People are not as easily ostracized or labelled for listening to certain kinds of music -- Biggie Smalls and the Sex Pistols are played frequently in retail outlets; from mohawk to fauxhawk, historic counter-cultures styles have been domesticated and assimilated into the mainstream. It would seem there is not much for retro-rogue couture to go on.

Well, this retro-rogue couture has a different angle to its rebellion. There was a certain attitude in the fashion of yesterday's rebels that is often missing from the more toned-down, rogue-inspired versions. Essentially, retro-rogue couture is making a stand against the bland.