- Apr 18, 2014
These remixed campfire treats are showcasing how a little imagination and exotic flavoring can transform an ordinary childhood treat into a wonderfully sophisticated dish.

When it comes to traditional campfire treats, s'mores are some of the most iconic and most beloved outdoor snacks around. The combination of graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows are aspects that both children and adults just can't seen to get enough of. These remixed campfire treats however, take the traditional ingredients of s'mores and integrate them into a wide variety of unorthodox dishes and formats, presenting this conventional snack in a much more intriguing manner.

From s'mores that feature salty ingredients like bacon to those that are creatively drinkable, these remixed campfire treats will definitely satisfy anyone with a sweet tooth looking to add some variety to their classic dessert recipes.

From Bacon Campfire Confections to Cinnamon S'more Bread: