- Aug 8, 2013
The music industry has been continuing to influence modern day fashion for as long as we can remember, and these slick rapper fashion shoots are some prime examples of how such genres of music such as rap or hip hop serves to have a profound impact on youth culture and style.

There's something about rap culture in particular that seems to strike a popular chord with youths and teenagers. Whether it be the explicit use of language, baggy clothing style or all around rebellious attitude, rappers are serving to influence fans through their clothing choice and overall demeanour. That's why showcasing popular rap artists in fashion spreads serves to make fans idolize these artists even more, allowing readers to fully appreciate the edgy and individualist styles of these popular rappers.

From flamboyant rapper covers to somber rapper lookbooks, these fashion shoots are showcasing just how influential these musical artists can be.

From Haute Rapper Editorials to Regal Rapper Editorials: