- Mar 15, 2013
With the excess amount of computer accessories available on the market, finding one that stands out from the rest is often difficult, but these quirky computer mice designs are great examples of how you can add some eclectic touches to your computing experience.

Computer mice are practical and convenient when it comes to navigating and clicking on items, but they often lack any kind of visual or eye-catching appeal. These unique mice designs however, are shaped like all sorts of weird and unusual objects that we would not normally associate with these computer devices. The competition amongst retailers has resulted in companies turning to more high-tech and out-of-the-ordinary designs in order to draw in consumers.

From peripherals that resemble 8-bit gaming images to those that are shaped like sleek automobiles, these quirky designs are a creative way to add some eclectic touches to your otherwise ordinary tech devices.

From Convertible Cone Mice to Ribbon-Like Mice: