The Arc Mouse Can be Used on an Array of Different Surfaces

 - Jul 26, 2012
References: & yankodesign
It's fantastic that your laptop allows you to work just about anywhere, not requiring a desktop setup and a constant source of power. Isn't it only logical then that something like the Arc Mouse should exist as well? With it, you can really create a mobile workstation.

A computer mouse offers better accuracy than a trackpad for your virtual cursor, especially useful for people who use graphic rendering programs and need to steadily draw lines and forms. The beauty of Chang Seok Kim and Seunghoon Shin's electronic notebook accessory is that it functions without a smooth and flat surface.

The arched shape of the Arc Mouse demonstrates its sensitivity to motion, even though no contact is made down the center. The sleek crescent gadget is then all the more equipped to operate against materials like the fabric, wrapped around the curved contour of your thigh.