The IntegraMouse Plus Affords the Hands-Free Use of a Computer

 - Jan 15, 2013
References: abatec-ag &
The movements required by one's fingers to operate a regular computer mouse aren't complicated ones; however, you generally to need the use of your hands in order to interact with the common household device. The IntegraMouse Plus is an innovative piece of electronic equipment that changes one's criteria for browsing the internet and accessing media virtually.

Designed by Peter Groiss of the Abatec Group, this invention allows amputees, paraplegics and people with all sorts of physical disabilities to click and scroll. It's been developed to be wireless so that it can be fixed in the position of one's preference, communicating user commands to a USB transmitter. The LIFEtool IntegraMouse Plus is controlled with the mouth and maintains an unobstructed sight line for a good view of the monitor ahead.