The SQ'EEZY from Bharat Jayagopal is Ergonomic

 - Nov 30, 2011
References: bharatjayagopal & tuvie
The SQ'EEZY mouse may be one of the softest computer mice ever made, as the mouse is designed to be part navigator and part stress reliever.

Bharat Jayagopal is the designer behind SQ'EEZY. Unlike most computer mice, Jayagopal's is designed to be soft and squeezable. This makes the mouse multifunctional as it can effectively serve to assist you both during and after work. The squeezable properties of the mouse also mean it is a lot more ergonomic than the rigid and hard plastic mouses that dominate the market. Mouses, keyboards, indeed all office equipment is getting an ergonomic makeover as company's seek to keep their cubicle-bound employees healthy and productive. Here's hoping for a squeezable keyboard to pair with the SQ'EEZY.