The Clip Mouse Attaches Hangs Onto a Laptop Like a Clingy Partner

 - Nov 17, 2012
References: yankodesign
Frank Guo's Clip Mouse successfully eliminates embarrassing clumsiness incurred by the annoying clutter of computer mice, cordless or not.

It can be quite frustrating and time consuming to set up the laptop for meetings, especially when there seem to be a million cords in the way including your own. Eliminating the cord for the smallest item on the list, the mouse, can easily negate the hassle and possible flusters caused by dropping or tangling mice. The Clip Mouse is designed with a unique C-shape that allows users to clip on the mouse to the computer.

On the inside surface is a ribbed rubber surface that can securely attach itself to the laptop due to high friction so there is no need to worry about dropping it while walking to the next meeting.