Planking Starts a Slew of Pose-Based Viral Finds

 - Mar 16, 2012
As many know, the Internet can be a strange, yet hilarious place full of odd things like singing cats and posing memes. The latter is a newer addition, with the viral phenomena of planking leading the way.

For the uninitiated, planking involves a person lying as stiff as possible on top of, in between or under something; they then are photographed and put on the Internet for everyone to enjoy. Since then, posing memes have boomed to epic proportions, including everything from Tebowing to Owling to Horsemaning. Some organizations have even caught wind of this pattern and are using it as an advertising initiative, as seen with the sponsored release of Shamrocking on part of McDonalds.

Ultimately, posing memes are like one big inside joke for every Internet nerd to be in on.