Get Down on One Knee Like Tim Tebow with 'Tebowing'

 - Nov 29, 2011
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It's called 'Tebowing' and it's the latest trend in the sports world. Due to Tim Tebow's recent success in the NFL, bringing the Broncos back from 1-4 to 6-5, people are paying attention to the legend in the making. Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow always gets down on one knee and puts his fist to his head right before every NFL game and every time he makes a huge play.

Many other NFL players have begun copying Tebow by imitating his kneel. However, it’s not just other players who have begun 'Tebowing.' People from all over the United States have begun 'Tebowing' in public. A YouTube video montage displays pictures of people from all over taking a knee. Evidently, 'Tebowing' is becoming the new planking. Some argue that this phenomenon may only last as long as Tim Tebow’s success does. But who I am kidding, it's Tim Tebow. His success will never end. All hail Tebow. (Kneel.)