The Batmanning Meme Takes Planking to New Heights

 - Sep 8, 2011
References: buzzfeed
Daredevils and comic connoisseurs alike will appreciate the new and very extreme Batmanning meme which is taking the Internet by storm.

This collection of crazy clips filmed by the Batman Boilers will leave you in awe. The group of determined men wasn’t impressed with the popular planking phenomenon, and craved something more daring. They developed their own meme in honor of their favorite superhero and are encouraging people to take part.

The Batmanning meme encourages participants to hang upside down on ledges of all sorts, resembling bats. The Batman boilers have taken this meme to parking garages, trees and even swinging gates. This superhero sport definitely isn’t for the lighthearted; some of these hanging houdinis dangle dangerously from great heights.

You’ve got to be a little batty to take part in this extreme Batmanning meme.

Implications - Internet games or memes captivate consumers because of their interactivity and social benefits. Companies which develop Internet activities are respected by these consumers since they encourage creativity and are very inclusive.