- Mar 16, 2012
If looking to drastically transform your locks, these pink-haired editorials offer just the kind of inspiration. Color continues to take over the fashion world with technicolor tresses popping up on runways and magazine spreads everywhere. Eye-popping and playful, these cotton candy coifs are sugary sweet and terribly tempting.

Not just for skater chicks and punks anymore, pink hair has found its way into several lady-like looks as well; the likes of finger waves and beehives are getting the tickled pink treatment too. Paired with everything from a slinky dress to jeans and a tank top, these rose-hued hairstyles are far more versatile than you ever imagined. So, branch out and give your head of hair a few candy-colored tones.

Fun, flirty and, at times, strangely elegant, these pink-haired editorials will have you looking at unnatural hair color in a whole new light.

From Rosy Root Hairstyles to Comic Book Coifs: