Mario Warfare Isn't Just Bananas and Shells Anymore

Judging these posters, Mario Warfare is a lot more like Call of Duty and a lot less like Mario Kart. These promotional posters for the upcoming Mario Warfare series look like it's going to be a bloodbath. Peach has gone from cute princess to a badass pink warrior with two matching pink AK-47s. Mario looks like he could smash someone's head in with a wrench and feel no remorse. Toad appears to be something like an Italian mobster in his white suits and dark shades (he also has two machine guns locked and loaded). Luigi looks like he has lost his mind from all the bloodshed and is now just firing off shots like a madman.

Mario Warfare is sure to be a battle for the ages, but it's a good guess that none of the traditional Mario weapons will be used for killing.