- Jan 24, 2013
This list of pinball innovations highlights the most cutting-edge creations to come about as a result of the classic arcade game. Many of us grew up playing the addictive arcade must-have, which is what makes the various modifications and updates so heart-warming.

In addition to modern technological updates, pinball has been the focus of a number of viral marketing campaigns as well as the center of numerous art-based projects. Some have taken old machines and retrofitted them as pieces of furniture to keep the spirit of the game alive. Moreover, avid pinball wizards can continue playing without the large arcade inhabitant because a few companies have created tablet add-ons that simulate a scaled down gaming experience. Whether you're an avid fan of the little silver ball or just appreciate a good throwback, these pinball innovations will have you scouring the couch for quarters.

From Pinball-Based Art Projects to Arcade Furniture Creations: