Person Pinball Replaces Pinballs and Bumpers With People

Person Pinball is a new viral video from Aaron Hughes that depicts what would happen if the iconic arcade game were played with humans. The video is shot in stop-motion and is entirely people-powered with people functioning as the balls, bumpers and flippers. Needless to say, things get more than a little weird here.

Seeing a person bounce between two tires before ricocheting off of a barrier is something that everyone should witness at least once. This oddball video was created by Hughes for New York City’s 8th annual Animation Block Party which is described by its organizers as the "premier animation festival on the East Coast." If you consider yourself something of a pinball wizard, then you are definitely going to want to check this video out. If you hate pinball but are still into creative and quirky viral videos, then you too are going to want to see Person Pinball.