Rack up the Points Cyberton Style with the Transformers Pinball Machine

 - Sep 22, 2011
References: sternpinball & ubergizmo
Autobot and Decepticon fans who can't get enough of giant robots bashing each other in will be fascinated with the Transformers Pinball Machine.

STERN Pinball are the good folks behind the Transformers Pinball Machine, which will bring Optimus Prime and co. to your living room. The exterior is filled with images from the famed franchise, and the designs are definitely eye-popping and larger-than-life. The inside is packed full of Transformers-themed designs, which even include toy replicas of the bots themselves. Extra details such as the Decepticon Laser-Cut Steel Ramp, the Ironhide Character & Ramp and the Devastator Pop Bumpers are a nice nod to the classic cartoon.

There's no word on the pricing yet, but it's expected to go between $5,699 to $7,499, so start saving up!