From Ripped Recliners to Life-Like Lamps

 - Oct 24, 2011
There are a lot of personified products in the marketplace. From hats with mustaches to teacups with faces, these products deliver a touch of whimsy and humor to otherwise ordinary objects.

Attempting to create an emotional connection, many brands also turn to personification to instill some life, emotion and expression into their wares. Whether it's a pillow, a planter or a laptop case, a product that has a human touch -- such as eyes, a nose and of course, a smile -- makes the product seem fun and easy to relate to. In this world of minimalism, sharp design and often monotone color palettes, it is especially nice to see designs that still offer playfulness and whimsy.

Thus, consumers will continue to embrace personified products like those in this list, as they inject some fun and amusement into daily living.