Malene Sliphaber Personifies a Seat With Peculiar Portraits

 - Jul 16, 2011
References: colorfulworldofmine.wordpress
Malene Sliphaber, the woman behind the artistic blog Colorful World of Mine, has managed to personify a chair so realistically it is frightening. This scary seat is still very intriguing in spite of its shudder-inducing nature because of its unique quality. Giving this inanimate object life is done so flawlessly that I find it hard to separate reality from fiction. I have reluctantly started to imagine people with chair bodies.

The portrait on the chair back is so expressive that all you really need to see are the eyes looking into your soul. Owning this art piece would probably make you the most unique art collector around, but make sure to know that everyone in your household would be comfortable sitting back on a face -- especially one that looks so authentic and pained. Malene Sliphaber's incarnated seat is certainly a standout artistic piece of work.