The 'Eyes for Christmas' Tumblr Brings to Life Everyday Inanimate Objects

 - Jun 29, 2011
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People say eyes are the windows to the soul, but in the case of the Eyes for Christmas Tumblr, eyes give these objects souls. A project coming from Amsterdam's XTOTL, the blog animates objects that are simply overlooked every day.

From garbage bins to towel paper dispensers, the things given a pair of eyes on the blog vary in shape, size and subject matter but share the commonality of being used on a daily basis. The premise of the Eyes for Christmas Tumblr is that objects can transform immediately with just a pair of eyes. Who knew a dirty garbage can on the street could look so sarcastic and cynical?

Take a look at the Eyes for Christmas Tumblr and the next time you throw something out, the disposal may just look at you a little differently.

Implications - Modern consumers look for products that offer a humorous element. Customers with fast-paced lives don't have the time to enjoy certain things, so they seek out a quick escape through their everyday purchases. Creating more items with a whimsical aspect could help a company trying to grow their brand.