From Benevolent Demon Photobombs to Celebrity Photobombing

 - Jul 11, 2012
The long-held traditional of abruptly appearing in another photographic capture is evident in these phenomenal photobombing occurrences.

Although it's not concretely known where this trend stems, it is both pleasing and entertaining on an immature yet fantastic level. A majority of individuals have surely been involved in some form of photographic bombardment of unsuspecting individuals -- which is by definition a "photobomb."

Some of the best and most humorous photographs taken involve some form of photobombing, be it unexpected facial expression or perfectly timed actions. These priceless moments can stay forever preserved in their photographic form, easily accessible for laughter and reminisce.

These photoblogs, photography collections and websites embrace the wonder and splendor that is the art of photobombing. Featuring absolutely hilarious photographs, these photobombing occurrences are a fabulous pick-me-up for a floundering day.