- May 6, 2008
References: listoftheday.blogspot & buzzfeed
Have you ever been surprised to see a stranger appear to pose like he’s part of your photos? It’s no accident. In fact, there’s actually a term for what he’s doing. He is PhotoBombing.

The term refers to people who intentionally jump into the scene of a photo to land themselves a spot in your photo archives.

It’s a huge hit, and people are actually creating websites dedicated to this ‘hobby.’

I’ll admit, I’ve done it too, but only once or twice.

Thankfully with today’s digital cameras, it’s easy to spot instantly if the photo has been ruined. If it’s not salvageable, you know right away so you can instantly retake it. Back when it was all processed film, PhotoBombers could easily destroy your one shot at preserving a memory!