From Celebrity Photobombs to Animal Photobombing

 - Jan 21, 2010   Updated: May 19 2011
I love photobombs. I love them as much as I love cracking my toes and a nice egg salad sandwich. And that is a lot. So, how about you look at all of my favorite things, brought together in one amazing place? These 15 Phenomenal Photobombs, from Celebrity Photobombs to the best Animal Photobombing around, will make you a better person.

Implications - The abilities that post-production programs give photographers are astounding, and have resulted in a slew of humorous Photoshopped images. This type of satirical or parodied quirkiness should be embraced by businesses who can add a bit of humor to their advertising. It would also make a really great viral marketing strategy on the Internet.