These Stilgraf Printing Ads Personify Pantone Chips

 - Aug 16, 2011
References: & adsoftheworld
A great way to attract a potential client is to relate to him on some personal level, and these Stilgraf Printing ads succeed quite cleverly through the personification of the iconic Pantone paint chip. They are symbols well recognized outside of the design industry, allowing these brightly colored characters to assume the roles of everyday people.

Three print ads by the DPZ advertising agency of Sao Paulo, Brazil, present a selection of comical scenes. The creators of this campaign have exploited elementary color theory as a way to rouse humor through the interaction of animate paint swatches. In the first, a red child with a yellow mother questions his biological relationship to his blue father. Next, a green sample card urges his blue and yellow peers to "Unite!" In the last of the Stilgraf Printing ads, several color swatches think they've found God in a paint chip fan deck.