From Paint Chip Lampshades to Hue Sample Place Settings

 - Dec 13, 2011
Lovers of color are sure to be drooling over these covetable paint swatch designs. Home improvements are exhausting and frustrating endeavors, but no DIYer can say they don't enjoy pouring over paint swatches. There are few things as alluring as a wall of organized paint chips showing the astounishing spectrum of colors available.

Many designers have taken inspiration from these vibrant hardware store displays, crafting furniture, place settings and art pieces with these bold paint swatches in mind. These technicolor treasures are worthy additions to any decor. These paint swatch designs will attract notice with their cleverness and eye-popping color, making them an vivacious army of conversation pieces.

Sure to become the focal point of any room, these paint swatch design offers a kaliedoscope of colors and a whole lot of style.