This Paint Chip Easter Garland Omits the Mess of Pigments

I've done my share of Easter egg decorating during the past few weeks, and between the yolk-blowing, the spray painting and the ink detailing, the process seems unnecessarily exhausting compared to making this Paint Chip Easter Garland.

Posted on the Modern Parents Messy Kids website, this delightful DIY activity may involve paint chips, but eliminates the need to crack open a single can or tube of pigment. Using Behr hue samples specifically, the crafter behind this holiday decorating tip simply cut oval shapes out of strips of four-shade blocks. With two tints per egg, the collection of colored cards is then organized into a soft spectrum and strung together in sequence. The Paint Chip Easter Garland is an eggceptional addition to doorways and fireplace mantles that will get your home in the spirit of the celebration.