From Drake Owl T-Shirts To Money Sign Bling Sunglasses

 - Feb 21, 2014
Toronto-native and rap artist Drake brings OVO Music Festival 2014 to Toronto. The massive hip hop and rap event attracts major industry talent for performances -- not to mention music festival season begins in the Spring and goes all throughout the Summer. 

Drake’s OVO music festival is one festival hip hop and rap fans do not want to miss this upcoming August. Music festivals are a mecca for style, which means your music festival style needs to be on point.

When attending OVO Music Festival, an iconic rapper snapback that reads ‘Notorious’ across the front or one of Drake’s owl-infused OVO shirts are a must. Suitable outfits range from urban streetwear apparel, to bling sunglasses with money signs. The music festival’s genre and demographic determines the festival's ideal attire, and in this case, urban streetwear is required.

Music Festivals are awesomely entertaining experiences so make sure your festival style is just as entertaining and fun as the artists performing!