- Apr 8, 2015
These online marketplace innovations range from accessible luxury platforms to cashback web retailers that satisfy a variety of different consumer needs. Unlike most branded platforms in home, fashion and tech industries, these websites focus on a more broad product range and aim to promote a number of independent and established companies through their sales.

From luxury-focused fashion shops to versatile tech retailers, these online marketplace examples are not only convenient but will also appeal to niche demographics with specific interests. These include fans of artisanal and locally made household goods along with shoppers who are looking to support independent fashion designers.

Moreover, this list also touches on kid-focused clothing platforms that showcase the creativity of emerging labels as well as versatile inventory sites that are shifting gears from traditional household goods to interactive media services. Standouts include Alibaba's digital distribution deals with music production companies and Amazon Original Movies, an entertainment venture introduced by the all-encompassing e-retailer.

From Accessible Luxury Platforms to Cashback Web Retailers: