ArtZoco's Social Marketplace Brings E-Commerce to Artisans

 - Nov 25, 2013
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ArtZoco is an incredible social marketplace that totally levels the playing field by providing a place for all international artisans and social entrepreneurs to sell crafts from around the world.

The social marketplace was created by Julie Frieswyk and Vince Hartman, after their time volunteering in the Peace Corps. The crafts that artisans were creating were beautiful, but locals found them less appealing and more expensive in comparison to the cheap products from China. Unfortunately, systems like PayPal aren’t yet available in developing countries, which eliminates the possibility for the handmade crafts from being sold on Etsy or eBay.

ArtZoco is completely unique in that it lets local artisans sell their crafts through its online marketplace — without having to have bank account and through a site that is in their own native language.

Truly, ArtZoco is an incredible platform to support talented artisans around the world. On its site, shoppers can sort products available for sale by country or categories like art, clothing, jewelry and woodwork. If you’re looking for a truly unique gift to give, the products on ArtZoco give back in more ways than one.

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