- Dec 6, 2011
Social media is taking over the world. Whether one uses social media for fun, for networking of for gaining employment, it has become an invaluable tool in society.

Online employment stats are changing the way people work. Even corporations are taking notice, recognizing social media's importance and even replacing executives with social media experts. Top sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn prove the importance of networking. Online resumes are replacing paper CVs and employers are deciding who to hire before even meeting them in person.

From job strategies on LinkedIn, to Facebook social media employment infographics, new technology is allowing for numerous advancements in media. Despite of skeptical reactions from those used to the traditions of the past, this new media is accessible to everyone and should be embraced because of its growth and prevalence. Social media is the future and should not be ignored, but used to one's advantage.

These Online Employment Stats are Changing How We Work: