The Facebook VS Twitter Infographic Breaks Down Who Uses Each Site

 - Aug 25, 2011
References: buysellads & awesomeinfographics
This Facebook VS Twitter Infographic joins the family of comparison charts that break down the facts concerning the rivaling social media sites. The approach is unique, however, addressing issues such as brand loyalty, age, gender and education distributions and networking power of each. In the rapidly changing world, which has adopted online interaction as the primary form in both personal and professional lives, either site is undoubtedly iconic.

Information from personal profiles such as number of friends and followers are used as indicators of both popularity and marketability in many professions. The still-growing influence of social media on human interaction is undeniable.

Implications - Professionally speaking, staying connected via social media is not an option for both start up and mega corporations, who use the sites to up their profiles and keep both current and prospective customers informed.