From Adorable Timber Toys to Healthy Spinning Toys

 - Jan 22, 2013
The nostalgia of yesteryear is always an endearing property to pass on to children and these old school toys are perfect for showing little kiddies the simple pleasure of none-electric play things. This collection of toys does not have a single one that requires electricity and are more often than not crafted from wood for a truly nostalgic feel.

With the dependence on technology growing stronger every day, these toys help to show youth that it doesn't always have to be flashy and fancy to still be fun. Many companies choose to highlight battery-powered action figures and child-friendly tablets, but what's to be gained from these old school toys is a true sense of what it means to take pleasure from the simple things. What's best, parents won't have to worry about power running low or children coming across inappropriate content during playtime.