Woodmobiel Constructs Novelty Structures for all Generations

 - Sep 24, 2012
References: madebyoots & trendland
Woodmobiel's toy collection concentrates on a life-size appeal for all generations to enjoy. Constructed for adults who love to build, tots who love to play and grandparents who love luxury, Woodmobiel has numerous wooden designs to meet the needs of any toy lover. The Dutch brand focuses on architectural design to make its products aesthetically pleasing to a large audience. The beauty of these toys is that one can construct them in a number of different structures.

The toys are comprised of pine wood and multiple pre-drilled holes to change the format of the toy one is building in a few simple easy steps. Also included are plastic boards, pine wheels, steel bolts and wrenches to help one build the toy into any shape they desire. From a pulley system to a wagon, one can find a novelty item for any child.