The 4 Foot Bounce Pogo Stick Gives a New Design to an Old Plaything

 - Sep 29, 2012
References: hammacher & gizmodo
Incorporating a patented bow-shaped spring made of composite fiber, The 4 Foot Bounce Pogo Stick takes pogo enthusiasts to new heights.

The shaft of the pogo stick is made from high-grade aluminium that's both durable and lightweight, and the padded handlebars provide additional comfort. But the real thing that sets this pogo stick apart from others is the bow-shaped mechanism. Its design returns the downward force of the rider much more efficiently than with traditional coiled spring pogo stick designs, enabling riders to bounce higher while exerting less force.

If you're aiming to teach your kids a lesson about the nature of gravity they won't soon forget, The 4 Foot Bounce Pogo Stick perfectly illustrates that what goes up, must come down.