- Jun 16, 2012
If you can remember back to a time when making a phone call only cost a quarter and required tracking down a public telephone then these old school photo booth products will certainly evoke a sense of nostalgia.

While the technology is essentially obsolete nowadays, given the advancement of cell phones, there is something romantic about the look of a traditional photo booth -- which may be due in part to its relation to Clark Kent and Superman or its role in British culture.

Merging both the antiquated and current calling technologies together is one way of keeping the tradition alive and the British mobile telephone booth is a perfect way of pairing of the two.

Using the booths for purposes other then making a call is another popular application and aquariums, art installations and libraries have been filling up the space traditionally allotted for ringing up your closest friends and families.

From Mobiles That Imitate the Calling Box to Indoor Aquariums: