‘City 24/7' Makes Life Easier for New Yorkers

New York City has announced their plan to install kiosks all over the city with the help of ‘City 24/7.’ The ‘SmartScreens’ made by City 24/7 will replace 250 payphones throughout the city and more if the project is successful.

These kiosks have tons of features which make life more enjoyable for users. Most importantly, it can warn people on the streets of extreme weather dangers and other hazards civilians should be aware of. The lighter side of this handy booth allows users to search for nearby restaurants, download music, find secret sales, receive Groupon promotions and all kinds of other things. It’s also capable of communicating in multiple languages and has a headphone jack for the hearing-impaired.

These SmartScreens will definitely make city life easier for the residents of New York City.