Octopus Showerheads, Jewelry and Fashion

 - Nov 15, 2009   Updated: Mar 30 2011
Blame it on Octomom, but the Octopus has been a great source of inspiration recently. These octopus originals cover everything from tattoos to fashion to octopus-inspired robotic arms.

These designs go from creative to silly (more often to silly). Octopus originals are sure to give you a laugh or two.

Implications - Octopi are mysterious creatures of the deep, and their mysteriousness is what enables them to be an object of fascination for many people. Representing bizarre, yet majestic beauty, these invertebrates of the deep are being re-imagined in every industry as their real world numbers dwindle. Incorporating mystery and scarcity into your marketing strategy is a great way to capture a consumer's eye.