Futuristic Submarine With Metallic Dynamic Tentacles

 - Feb 17, 2009
References: elitechoice.org
Fusing technology with nature, designer Taizo Doi introduces a stunning design of a spherical submarine as inspired by the elusive jellyfish. Aiming to either blend in or reproduce the cruising ease of sea creatures, the luminous prototype displays natural, if anything, beauty, and functional design.

The sea bed and life are at least as amazing as nature above water; to spoil our senses in the magnificent deep blue, the vessel features a remarkable 360 degrees view through its transparent body. Mimicking the Medusa morphology, the aquatic prototype is equipped with metallic tentacles which release and secure back a mini exploration capsule, for the daily tour or Sunday excursion.

With ocean colonization drawing closer to reality, this energizing design will be a super hit for deep water cruising, although its easy-to-sallow nature does pose a bit of a hazard.