Sculptural Bots Inspired by Nature and Biomimicry

 - Jan 30, 2009   Updated: Apr 5 2011
References: & botjunkie
Today these are fantasy conceptions of robots, but eventually these creations of University of Tokyo professor and graphic artist Yoichiro Kawaguchi will become working robots. Recognizable as being based on living things, the artist says these robot/sculptures represent “how living things survive in a world governed by the law of the jungle."

Implications - As society moves into a modern era where technological wonders are increasingly commonplace and sophisticated, there is definitely a lot to be said for artwork that explores consumer hopes, fears and dreams like this one does. People are fascinated by the mystery of what the future might hold and exhibits like this draw their fascination in a major way. A company that found a creative way to tie this kind of impact in with their branded message would definitely be on to something clever.