Tentacular Accessories Are a Fashionable Twist on Taxidermy (UPDATE)

 - Jun 28, 2009   Updated: Jun 16 2011
References: etsy
These octopus rings from Etsy artisan OctopusMe are cast from real octopus tentacles. For each spectacular tentacular accessory, the artist hollowed out a finger hole from the wax version, then added details to the finished cast metal version by hand.

The OctopusMe Etsy shop features fun facts about octopuses, like the fact that they can regrow arms lost in battle. Check out some other tentacular innovations below.

Implications - Animal-inspired fashion is getting stranger as it expands to include unconventional animals. While furs and skins are becoming more taboo in the fashion world as a result of the drive towards animal and environmental friendliness, styles inspired by animals are growing in popularity.