From Religious Wedge Heels to Animated Movie Sneakers

 - Oct 27, 2014
These October 2014 shoe ideas range from religious wedge heels that are sculptural in their aesthetic to animated movie sneakers that pay homage to iconic cartoon characters.

In recent years, designers are embracing strong visual details and are creating wearable art accessories that defy convention. From sculptural heels to vibrant animal print sneakers, these October 2014 shoe ideas are all about conceptual couture.

When looking at formal and informal shoes, both styles are embracing visual opulence in different ways. While sneakers are looking to the surrealism art movement for their design inspiration, heels are being adorned with colored jewels, sequins or studs.

These October 2014 shoe trends illustrate the power of a statement accessory and it's ability to inspire one's entire ensemble.