From DIY Frozen Chocolate Bananas to Enormous Nutty Cupcakes

 - Jun 1, 2013
While those with peanut allergies should stay clear, these nutty dessert creations are perfect for those who want a bit of protein mixed in with some delectable sugary treats.

Not only do nuts serve to add a lot of nutrition to a meal, but their crunchy texture serves to make the dish much more enjoyable and satisfying to eat. These nutty dessert creations have combined these crunchy ingredients with all sorts of sugary dishes, turning an otherwise ordinary after-meal dessert into something much more scrumptious. From miniature peanut-covered cheesecakes to gourmet banana donuts sprinkled with nuts, these nutty dessert creations will have those with a sweet tooth drooling at the mouth.

If you think that you're not getting enough nuts in your daily diet, then why not kill two birds with one stone and incorporate them into your favorite desserts?