From Gentlemanly Insult Games to Portable Gaming Consoles

 - Nov 26, 2016
Some of the major themes in the top November 2016 gaming ideas include the creation of ultra-realistic environments and consoles becoming smaller and more portable than ever.

In terms of helping gamers lose themselves completely in a game's story, details are being added to blur the lines between reality and play. For instance, Football Manager 2017 is a game that includes detail on the effects of Brexit on football players specifically. Playing Hello Neighbor is a game that's especially challenging, as the main villain is powered by machine learning artificial intelligence and gets smarter from a player's mistakes, which may feel like playing against the intelligence of another human.

One of the biggest new announcements in the world of gaming is the Nintento Switch, which is like a hybrid of a handheld and a console. While many devices do not yet have the same transformative qualities as the Switch, the newest gaming consoles are being designed for on-the-go play.