The OmniWear Arc Alerts Hardcore Gamers to the Location of Enemies

 - Oct 19, 2016
References: kickstarter & engadget
With the rise of e-sports, gamers are looking for advantages anywhere, and the OmniWear Arc is a product with the potential to gain a competitive edge. The gaming peripheral is a vibrating neckband that can alert wearers to the location of enemies through their sense of touch.

In first-person shooter games, remembering the location of enemies is absolutely essential. However, in order to track enemies in many games, players need to continually take their eyes off the game to check for dots on the mini-map. The OmniWear Arc contains eight vibration motors located around the band, and these are synced to the game, letting wearers know where their opponents are without having to divert their optical attention.

The OmniWear Arc currently syncs with 'Counter-Strike' and 'League of Legends,' with more games on the horizon.