The PowerColor 'DEVIL BOX' External Graphics System is Powerful

 - Oct 20, 2016
References: powercolor & geeky-gadgets
Those PC users out there that require additional graphics power will appreciate the release of the new PowerColor 'DEVIL BOX' external graphics system. Designed with portable PC systems in mind, the PowerColor 'DEVIL BOX' works by enabling additional graphics power when attached to a laptop or mobile PC. The PowerColor 'DEVIL BOX' is the design work of the TUL Corporation and is currently available in limited quantities for consumer purchase.

The PowerColor 'DEVIL BOX' is ideal for those looking for additional graphics power when it comes to gaming such as with virtual reality or other graphics-intensive processes. The PowerColor 'DEVIL BOX' external graphics system enables users to only make use of the additional power when required to keep their computer systems slim and portable all the time.